It’s photos like this that make me feel good about why I do what I do. It’s also great to have friends who can ride like this. @dconte123 killing it @sugarbush_vt @cyclesxprezo @dietycomponents @flyracing @fox
Had such a rad weekend with the #madkatsracing crew. @sugarbush had a great track and  made our boys feel at home. @bikesmcandrew took 2nd place, his best of the season. @bennn456 ended up taking another #JrX win giving him the overall lead for the #easternstatescup great job this weekend boys. Can’t wait to have @isaacallaire back in the pits with us. #injuryssuck #bikes #dh #photography #longexposure #canon                                             Huge thanks to all our sponsors you make race life so much better, @transitionbikes                               @spankbikes                                    @fox                                                @mrpbike                                       @Onzatires                                       @troyleedesigns                              @marshguard                                 @wickedwash                                  @chucksbikes                                   @madkatsproductions
So stoked for this guy! @bennn456 takes the #Jr win by 13 seconds… Time for pro buddy! Stoked for you kid!! @transitionbikes                               @spankbikes                                    @fox                                                @mrpbike                                       @Onzatires                                       @troyleedesigns                              @marshguard                                 @wickedwash                                  @chucksbikes                                   @madkatsproductions
Race day is here.. Let’s get the show on the road boys.. Good luck to the #madkatsracing  crew, @bikesmcandrew @bennn456. Bikes are feeling dialed huge thanks to everyone who helped us  this year!                  @transitionbikes                               @spankbikes                                    @fox                                                @mrpbike                                       @Onzatires                                       @troyleedesigns                              @marshguard                                 @wickedwash                                  @chucksbikes                                   @madkatsproductions
And we made it. Course looks good, boys feel fast, ready for race day. Both @bikesmcandrew and @bennn456 are aiming to Rack up points to take the overall.  Couldn’t have done it without the people that helped us get here! @transitionbikes                               @spankbikes                                    @fox                                                @mrpbike                                       @Onzatires                                       @troyleedesigns                              @marshguard                                 @wickedwash                                  @chucksbikes                                   @madkatsproductions
#sugarshbushVT here we come. #madkatsracing in the hunt for the top spot this weekend. @bikesmcandrew @bennn456 @isaacallaire                  @transitionbikes                               @spankbikes                                    @fox                                                @mrpbike                                       @Onzatires                                       @troyleedesigns                              @marshguard                                 @wickedwash                                  @chucksbikes                                   @madkatsproductions
Happy #hunpday use what energy you have to get over the hump and finish your week strong. @bikesmcandrew did it, so can you.  Sponsors 
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The early morning grind continues. Off to a photo-shoot downtown for #dfbsales #dowhatyoulove #dowork #architecturephotography #seeingdouble #notenoughcoffee
Got some new works coming your way. Stay tuned for MadKats racing edits to drop next week. @bikesmcandrew @isaacallaire @bennn456
@transitionbikes                               @spankbikes                                    @fox                                                @mrpbike                                       @Onzatires                                       @troyleedesigns                              @marshguard                                 @wickedwash                                  @chucksbikes                                   @madkatsproductions
Just got word that I have been approved for a media credential for the @windhammountain #worldcup so stoked to be a part of the action.  Stay tuned for my perspective of the race week. #photography #eastcoast #local #gettheshot